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Anwendung in Ein Telefon in der U-Bahnstation

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At least 40 cities in China now have their own rail transit. Speaking of China’s subways, people first think of Beijing and Shanghai. The subway operating mileage of these two cities is the longest in China, adding up to nearly 1,400 kilometers, which is equivalent to the drive from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou! However, China’s subway commuter cities are not just Beijing and Shanghai.

At present, many cities have set off an investment boom in rail transit construction. Traffic construction is the symbol of urban development. A subway with a solid foundation, a complete overall structure, stable lines, complete supporting facilities, and excellent engineering quality is of great significance to improving the city’s economic development level.


With the steady development of the subway, subway communication has also developed. In the operation of the subway, the communication system is a very important part. Due to the complexity of subway communication engineering, including multiple systems, it is extremely susceptible to interference from external factors. In order to better promote the development of the subway communication system, it is necessary to continuously absorb foreign advanced technology. Technology, strengthen domestic advanced communication technology research and development, reduce the failure rate of subway communication system, and realize “safe travel, green future”.

We specially designed a waterproof telephone to become A telephone in a subway station, we are the manufacturer of tunnel telephones. We manufacture a large number of tunnel phones and export them to many countries. Tunnel telephones are widely used on railway trackside. Tunnel telephones are required for most subway lines in tunnels. This subway phone installed in tunnels and subways needs to be waterproof IP66. Subway phones need to be rugged. 

The rugged phone is waterproof IP66 dustproof and suitable for the outdoor environment. Rugged phone with access control and speakerphone. Works in harsh conditions for analog and VOIP. 



It is specially designed for use in various power tunnels with high humidity environments and has the characteristics of high protection and low power consumption. One line can support 10 telephones, and the DTMF code transmission standard exceeds 10 kilometers. Built-in 1W speaker, the sound is clear and loud. No additional power supply is required, and the transmission distance can reach 10 kilometers.

The company has always been adhering to the business tenet of “quality first, customer first”, in line with the corporate philosophy of unity, integrity, truth-seeking, innovation, and efficiency, and takes the industry first as the goal. We take “comprehensive innovation, exceeding customer expectations” as our tenet. Our tenet, competitive price, excellent quality, and efficiency have won the trust and goodwill of our business customers. Choose us for your 100% satisfaction. Do not contact us immediately.

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