Willkommen bei Shenzhen Changxinghuitong Technology Co., Ltd!
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Why choose us?

The Changxinghuitong offers a wide selection of emergency telephone systems, weatherproof telephones, explosion-proof telephones, prison, school, hospital and so on.
We have the expertise and experience developed over for decades. The Changxinghuitong technology team will helping you get exactly what you need. At Changxinghuitong, we believe in providing the right support with the right technician at the first time, to minimize potential disruptions or delays in ensuring a smooth operation.

Can I customize personal industrial telephone system for myself?

Sure, we accepted OEM/ODM, you can provide the requirements and we will according to your message to design and manufactured it.

Kann ich eine Probe vor der Bestellung in großen Mengen erhalten?

Ja, wir können Ihnen Muster zur Überprüfung anbieten.

Wie lange für die Garantie?

We guaranty 24 months for products, usually, we will provide 3% free of cost accessories for each batch order. And our maintenance service includes all required software or firmware updates. If you need any support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I need professional installation?

We can provide professional installation video or user’s manual for help, most of our product can installed it without a professional installer. Our engineers.

Was ist die Lieferzeit für eine Angebotsanfrage?

For a standard product request, it will be approx. 5-7 working days. For the bulk order consisting of various systems, it will be approximately 7-20 working days. For the customized order, it will be approximately 30-45 working days.