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Industrial emergency call

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State and local agencies that provide emergency telephone service must provide “direct access” to individuals who rely on teletypewriters (TTY, also known as telecommunications devices for the deaf, or TDD) or computer modems for telephone communications. Telephony access through a third party or relay service does not meet the requirements for direct access. If a public entity provides 911 telephone service, a separate seven-digit telephone line may not be substituted as the only way for non-voice users to access 911 service. However, in addition to providing direct access to their 911 lines for such calls, public entities may also provide separate seven-digit lines for the exclusive use of non-voice callers.

The phone is commonly used in tunnels, mines, ships, underground, subway stations, railway platforms, roadside, hotels, parking lots, steel mills, chemical plants, power plants and related heavy industrial areas.

The system can be analog or VOIP.

The following are the main features of JWAT216P for your reference.


1. Rugged housing made of cold rolled steel with powder coating

2. Standard analog phone. Available SIP versions.

3. Anti-vandal stainless steel button.

4. One-touch speed dial. One-click speaker.

5. Weatherproof protection grade IP65.

6. Wall-mounted, easy to install.

7. Connection: RJ11 screw terminal to cable.

8. Ringing tone level: above 80dB(A).

9. Optional colors.

10. Self-made telephone spare parts can be provided.

11. CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 Compliant.

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