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SIP sjónræn neyðarsími
SIP sjónræn neyðarsími
SIP sjónræn neyðarsími
SIP sjónræn neyðarsími

SIP sjónræn neyðarsími

SIP Visual Emergency Telephone is specially used for outdoor emergency telephone, pick the machine can automatically call the emergency phone line. Commonly used in mines, tunnels, scenic spots, school and other unexpected events may occur.

fáðu tilboð
Telephone: Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
Umhverfishiti: -20 ℃ til 70 ℃
Hlutfallslegur raki: 10% til 95%
Atmospheric Pressure: 80-110 kPa
Sound Pressure Level: ≥ 90dBA
Operating Frequency: 300-3400 Hz
Sending Loudness Rating(SLR): 5- 15dB
Receiving Loudness Rating(RLR): -7-2dB
Side Tone Masking Rating(STMR): ≥7dB
Keypad: Number Key(0-9), Function Key: Emergency Call Button, Redial Button, Hang-up Button
2.75 inches 800*480 pixel tft display

This product: SIP Visual Emergency Telephone

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