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Industrial Emergency Telephone: The Lifeline to Safety

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Industrial emergency phones or damage prevention emergency phones are phones that are installed wherever emergency help is needed, such as transportation, public safety, industrial areas, hazardous areas and other applications. The main function of the emergency phone is to make it easy and reliable for users to call for help in any harsh environment. Emergency phones have completely different requirements for their performance and functions according to different usage environments.

Common applications for weatherproof emergency phones include four major scenes.

1. Transportation: subways, railways, tunnels, highways, airports, bus stations, etc. Take the highway as an example, as a roadside emergency phone next to the highway, when the car breaks down on the highway, users can quickly contact the highway management center. Highway phones are usually installed on the side of the highway, using optical fiber or wireless transmission (2G or 3G). When the user presses the emergency button, he can talk directly to the highway management center or the traffic police corps. The protection level of highway emergency telephones is generally IP65/67. Contractors can use solar power as a power source, optical fiber and wireless transmission, and the hotline number can be freely stored locally or remotely.

2. Public safety: parking lots, prisons, clean rooms, campuses, outdoor parks, elevators, etc. According to different usage environments, public phones have different functions and specific requirements for end users. For example, when we use it in elevators, subway stations, train stations, bus stations, and airports, in order to ensure the overall aesthetics, we usually use embedded hotline emergency phones. Most of their functions are to press the emergency button to contact the service center or management center. But prison applications require a higher level of anti-violence equipment. This kind of public prison phone generally requires a protection level of IK10, which is convenient for setting up free hotline dialing or free dialing.

3. Industrial areas: factories, power plants, mining areas, etc. Taking mining applications as an example, it is well known that when a mining accident occurs in a muddy site, it is difficult to locate the underground personnel and underground sites during the rescue work. At this time, it is very important that the emergency phone underground can talk to the call center. Therefore, the phone must be able to operate normally for a long time in a high (humid) and damp harsh environment. Mines and industrial areas have the highest reliability requirements for underground emergency phones.

4. Hazardous Areas: Oil and Gas Drilling Platforms, Nuclear Power Plants, Offshore, etc.
For applications in hazardous areas (such as oil drilling platforms, nuclear power plants), these areas have a large amount of flammable and explosive gases or liquids, so the hazardous emergency phones used in this area must meet the characteristics of waterproof and explosion-proof. Contents used in this area
The protection level of explosion-proof telephones is generally required to be IP66/67 and is internationally recognized with ATEX and IECEX certification. For more information on emergency phone solutions, please visit our Emergency Communication Solutions page.

In short, industrial emergency phones can also be classified according to factors such as function, protection level, material and price. If you have any questions about our emergency phones, please feel free to contact us and our technical team will provide you with all the information.

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