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SOS 긴급 콜박스
SOS 긴급 콜박스
SOS 긴급 콜박스
SOS 긴급 콜박스

SOS 긴급 콜박스

SOS Emergency Call Box mainly installed in school, service area. supermarket, subway and so on. It’s convenience for people to find the  device and get help.

Model: CX-SOS-02
Ambient temperature: -25℃~55℃
Relative humidity: 10%-95%
Working current: 100mA-1500mA
DC impedance < 500Ω
Insulation resistance > 50MΩ
Nonlinear distortion < 5%
Lightning protection voltage>4000V
The tensile strength of the handset cord>360kg
Key life > 500,000 times
Indicator life > 500,000 times
Average trouble-free operation > 10,000 hours
Power supply mode: telephone line power supply or 9V/1A power supply
Microphone Sensitivity: -52db
Speaker: 0.5W
Call DC resistance≤500Ω
Dimensions: 166x88x35mm
Type: Indoor waterproof
Weight: 0.8KG
Access method: IP/Analog
Material: imported cold steel
Color: outdoor yellow
Protection class: IP54
Installation: wall-mounted

This product: SOS Emergency Call Box

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