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SOS Emergency Call Box mainly installed in school, service area. supermarket, subway and so on. It’s convenience for people to find the  device and get help.

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Model: CX-SOS-02
Ambient temperature: -25℃~55℃
Relative humidity: 10%-95%
Working current: 100mA-1500mA
DC impedance < 500Ω
Insulation resistance > 50MΩ
Nonlinear distortion < 5%
Lightning protection voltage>4000V
The tensile strength of the handset cord>360kg
Key life > 500,000 times
Indicator life > 500,000 times
Average trouble-free operation > 10,000 hours
Power supply mode: telephone line power supply or 9V/1A power supply
Microphone Sensitivity: -52db
Speaker: 0.5W
Call DC resistance≤500Ω
Dimensions: 166x88x35mm
Type: Indoor waterproof
Weight: 0.8KG
Access method: IP/Analog
Material: imported cold steel
Color: outdoor yellow
Protection class: IP54
Installation: wall-mounted

This product: SOS Emergency Call Box

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