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Stainless LED Display Intercom
Stainless LED Display Intercom
Stainless LED Display Intercom
Stainless LED Display Intercom

Stainless LED Display Intercom

Fine surface wire-drawing process. Products include 16 key backlit metal keyboard, LCD display, microphone, speaker. IP65 protect level, it has good performance of water proof, dust proof and vandal-proof, which make it a good choice for public use or harsh environment. Simple installation, easy maintenance and durable service

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keys: 16 keys
Switching material: carbon-on-Gold key switch technology PCB
Actuation Force: 2.0 N+/-0.1N (pressure point) 
Frame/keys materials: Stainless steel 304
Dimensions: 124mm*250mm  
Key Size: 14.0*14.0mm   28.0*14.0mm 
Key Travel: 0.45mm
Key life: more than 2 million of operations
G.W.: 950g approx
Power supply voltage:  0-24V DC  
Current Rating: appr. 30-50mA 
Contact resistance: 5 ohm (max)
Electrical lifetime: > 5 years
Interface: Matrix
OS: All windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX
Operating temperature: -20℃ to +75℃
Storage temperature: -35℃ to +85℃
Operating RH: 30-90%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 60-106Kpa

This product: Stainless LED Display Intercom

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