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IP telefon Kablolu telefon nasıl çalışır?

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IP telephone Corded telephone is a different, clearer way of transmitting telephony voice. It works by sending your voice data over the internet. More specifically, it converts sound into digital communications, which are then sent in “packets” using Internet Protocol (IP). This is different from traditional telephony transmissions that are handled on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). PSTN is also known as POTS, which stands for “Plain Old Telephone Service”. It is an old-fashioned landline telephone system that uses copper wires to transmit analog voice data.
What are the benefits of IP telephony for businesses?
There are many benefits to using a VoIP small business phone system.
It’s cheaper than the traditional phone system. That’s because traditional phone companies have higher costs in overhead, industry regulations, and expensive infrastructure maintenance, much of which is passed on to customers to pay.




Since calls are transmitted over the Internet, the cost of long-distance and international calls is greatly reduced.
Improve portability as you can log into your phone system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
You can also get any area code you want as you are not limited by the geographic area where your office is located. We can provide you with a number that will make you appear to be in any city in the United States, or port (transfer) your existing business number.

Comparison of IP Phones and Ordinary Phone
Compared with ordinary PSTN phones, IP phones have the following advantages:
· Save bandwidth. The bandwidth consumed by the circuit switching telephone is 64kbit/s, while the IP telephone only needs 6-8kbit/s (sometimes even lower than 2.4kbit/s), thus saving the bandwidth and reducing the cost.
·Low cost of calls. The reduction in cost has led to a decrease in call costs, especially for long-distance communications.
·Intelligence can be easily integrated. The IP telephone network inherits the intelligent modules of the computer network and can flexibly control signaling and connections, which is beneficial to the development of various proliferating services.
· Open architecture. The protocol system of IP telephony is open, which is conducive to the standardization of products of various manufacturers and the connection between them.
· Integration of multimedia services. The IP telephone network supports the transmission of voice, data, and images at the same time, laying a foundation for the comprehensive provision of multimedia services in the future.​​
However, it is also obvious that the service quality of IP telephony is inferior to that of ordinary PSTN telephony.




Works with traditional phone numbers
Easy to install. This is “plug and play”. No additional wiring is required (as opposed to traditional telephone systems). See how easy VoIP setup is. For any additions or changes to your team, you can simply move their phone to a different broadband network jack and plug it in.
You can receive voicemails and faxes in your email inbox.
If there is a power outage, don’t worry: you can easily transfer calls to your phone.
If you like it too, welcome to contact us.

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