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Fayda Tüneli Acil durum telefonları
Fayda Tüneli Acil durum telefonları
Fayda Tüneli Acil durum telefonları
Fayda Tüneli Acil durum telefonları

Fayda Tüneli Acil durum telefonları

Emergency telephones for utility tunnel purpose made of aluminium alloy material by die casting. The  telephone waterproof is rugged and durable. Body-integral, Strong flame retardancy and low-temperature resistant. Special sealing design can ensure complete waterproof grade up to IP66. Waterproof, dustproof and moisture-resistant. The  telephone waterproof widely used in tunnel and outdoor. Most metro and high-speed rail project need install IP66 telephone for emergency communication.

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Model: CDU-AUX
Size: 492*302*185mm
Ortam Sıcaklığı: -40℃ ila 50℃
Bağıl Nem: 10% ila 95%
Atmosfer Basıncı: 80-110 kPa
Ortam Gürültüsü: ≤60dB
Çalışma Frekansı: 300-3400 Hz
Gönderme Ses Yüksekliği Derecelendirmesi (SLR): 5- 15dB
Ses Alımı Derecesi (RLR): -7-2dB
Yan Ton Maskeleme Derecesi (STMR): ≥7dB

This product: Utility Tunnel Emergency telephones

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