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Su geçirmez SOS Acil Durum Telefonu
Su geçirmez SOS Acil Durum Telefonu
Su geçirmez SOS Acil Durum Telefonu
Su geçirmez SOS Acil Durum Telefonu

Su geçirmez SOS Acil Durum Telefonu

Waterproof SOS Emergency Telephone was made of cold rolled steel, the strong shell provide extra security for machine wiring.  The protect level is IP65, has CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001 certification.

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Model: CX-JW-01
Power: telephone line power supply
Voltage: DC 48V
Standby working current ≤ 0.2A
Frequency Response: 250 ~ 3000 Hz
Ringtone volume ≥ 100dB(A)
Corrosion class: WF2
Ambient temperature: -30 ~ + 60 ℃
Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110 kPa
Relative humidity ≤ 95%
Cable Gland: 3-PG11
Installation: Wall Mounted

This product: Waterproof SOS Emergency Telephone

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