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Gösterge ışıklı endüstriyel telefonun oynadığı önemli rol nedir?

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In industrial production, the production environment of many industries is very harsh. In this harsh state, you will find that some surrounding industrial equipment or industrial accessories will have a warning function. For example, Industrial telephone with Indicator light, the functionality it represents is not only able to make calls in places with no signal or poor working environment, but also can play a certain warning role.


In some places with harsh environments, due to signal problems, it is necessary to use such industrial telephones to complete the handover or communication between jobs. However, when working, the noise is relatively high, and the echo of the sound is relatively high. Determine which phone is ringing, and you can see through the indicator lights, which light is on and which light is connected. This can greatly improve work efficiency and ensure that every call can be received in time.



The industrial telephone with indicator light can provide people with quick instructions by turning on the light during use, and can receive the corresponding work arrangement at the first time, and can also transmit the corresponding work arrangement in time in case of danger. information. Especially when working in mines, there are also high requirements for the quality of the telephone. It must play a role in preventing dryness. At the same time, the vibrating ringtone must be loud enough, and it can also emit a loud sound through the speaker. At the same time, it must have automatic The function of answering mainly refers to the ability to automatically answer the call and the light flashes when the on-site staff does not receive the call, and play the content of the call through the loudspeaker.

For the on-site staff, each facility is set up for better work and for everyone to work safely. Therefore, it is more convenient and safer to use this Industrial telephone with Indicator light in large mines or tunnels.

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