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Uncovered Two Key Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Telephone
Uncovered Two Key Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Telephone
Uncovered Two Key Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Telephone
Uncovered Two Key Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Telephone

Uncovered Two Key Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Telephone

It is an all-digital network radio and walkie-talkie, and its core part adopts a mature VOIP solution (Broadcom 1190), the performance is stable and reliable, the hands-free adopts digital full-duplex mode, and the voice is loud and clear. Hands-free speaker output provides on-board 2.4W output or can be connected to a 4Ω3W or 8Ω5W speaker through the built-in power amplifier board. The broadcast supports horn-type 8Ω5W speakers. If you need a higher volume voice effect, you can customize the power amplifier board with 30W/50W/80W/100W/200W and other configurations.
The service provides 6 shortcut key interfaces, handset interface, hook switch interface and dual network ports, etc., which can meet the needs of most customer applications, and the software side can realize the call of camera video information.

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Telephone system: DTMF
Incoming call ringing signal light prompt;
Ring pressure: ≥ 70dB(A);
Call connection time≤6S (non-blocking);
The maximum communication distance is 5km;
Classified rated sound pressure level intensity: ≥90dBA;
Audio range: 300Hz ~ 3400Hz;
Harmonic distortion: ≤ 5%;
DTMF call system;
Rated feed voltage: DC48V/DC24V;
Sending/receiving frequency response: in line with GB/T15279-2002;
Transmit Loudness Rating (SLR): 5 ~ 15dB;
Received Loudness Rating (RLR): -7 ~ 2dB;
Sidetone Masking Rating (STMR): ≥7dB;
The system has strong expansion compatibility and supports standard SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC protocols;
Multiple voice coding methods such as G.729, G.723, G.711, G.722, G.726 are optional;
Support static IP address modification, DNS domain name resolution;
Support one-key direct call dispatcher function and SOS emergency call;
Provide alarm, monitoring, intercom, broadcast functions;
Full-duplex intercom function;
Adopt advanced echo cancellation technology;
Speaker sensitivity can be adjusted;
The system provides recording and recording output, and can call and query recording files at any time;
Can be set through WEB interface;
Online software update

This product: Uncovered Two Key Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Telephone

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