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Ứng dụng điện thoại chống thấm trong trạm thủy điện

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With the development of the world economy, the growth of the population, the development of science and technology, and the continuous increase of people’s demands for production and life, electricity has been integrated into people’s lives.
Over the last century, many countries have opted to use coal to generate electricity. When it is found that coal-fired power generation will pollute the environment, more and more countries choose to use renewable energy to generate electricity, such as hydropower, wind power, solar power, geothermal energy, etc. Hydropower stations and power plants are built in the suburbs, and electricity is continuously delivered to thousands of households.

Among power plants and hydropower stations, the Three Gorges Dam is one of the most dazzling pearls. It has attracted worldwide attention for its long time, large investment and large power generation. Behind a grand project, in addition to the technical support and financial support of the technicians, there are also some obscure accessories, such as waterproof telephones, which are used in power plants to prevent accidents and send emergency notifications to others.
The weatherproof phone features a metal weatherproof casing to minimize environmental damage to the phone. The sturdy case prevents damage to the phone. Good air tightness, waterproof grade reaches IP66. It can be used normally in outdoor weather.




Weatherproof telephones are emergency telephones specially designed for harsh environments in the outdoor industry.
The most professional telephone manufacturer in Asia! A weatherproof telephone for tunnels made of aluminum alloy die-casting. The phone is sturdy and durable. The special sealing design ensures full waterproof rating up to IP66. Weatherproof, dustproof and moistureproof. Weatherproof telephone widely used in tunnels and outdoors. Most subway and high-speed rail projects require the installation of IP66 phones for emergency communications. Highways and power plants also need weatherproof phones. The ocean needs a moisture-proof phone. Weatherproof telephones widely used in tunnels and outdoors. Most subway and high-speed rail projects require the installation of IP66 phones for emergency communications. The weatherproof telephone adopts aluminum alloy as the raw material of the weatherproof casing, which is sturdy in appearance and has explosion-proof effect. It offers VoIP and analog versions and can be customized.
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