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Điện thoại khẩn cấp SOS
Điện thoại khẩn cấp SOS
Điện thoại khẩn cấp SOS
Điện thoại khẩn cấp SOS

Điện thoại khẩn cấp SOS

This SOS emergency handsfree telephone is a telephone that specifically addresses of indoor industry. The telephone is rugged and durable and the pecial sealing design can ensure smooth operation, dustproof and moisture-resistant, which makes it can be used in most tunnel, airport, subway and bus station for emergency communication.

 The SOS emergency telephone use rolled steel as the raw material for the weatherproof enclosure, and the exterior is strong and has an explosion proof effect. OEM and ODM is also available.

nhận báo giá
Thông sốKích thướcCác ứng dụngHướng dẫn
Size: 520*300*177mm
Output Voltage: 12V
transport protocol: VOIP/SIP
MTBF: 100000 hours
Stand-by power: <3W
Ambient Temperature: -40℃ to 50℃
Độ ẩm tương đối: 10% đến 95%
Atmospheric Pressure: 80-110 kPa
Ambient Noise: ≤60dB
Operating Frequency: 300-3400 Hz
Sending Loudness Rating(SLR): 5- 15dB
Receiving Loudness Rating(RLR): -7-2dB
Side Tone Masking Rating(STMR): ≥7dB

This product: SOS Emergency telephone

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