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Hệ thống liên lạc nội bộ cửa video chống thấm nước
Hệ thống liên lạc nội bộ cửa video chống thấm nước
Hệ thống liên lạc nội bộ cửa video chống thấm nước
Hệ thống liên lạc nội bộ cửa video chống thấm nước

Hệ thống liên lạc nội bộ cửa video chống thấm nước

Based on SIP and ONVIF protocols, is a video door phone that integrates powerful functionalities of access control, intercom, and security protection. Featuring an aluminum alloy design and single speed-dial button, i62 delivers a high-quality elegant appearance. With high protection level IP66 and IK07, it is waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision in most outdoor environments.

nhận báo giá
Thông sốKích thướcCác ứng dụngHướng dẫn
Model: CX-IN-i62
Level: IP66/IKO7
Aluminum Alloy design and single speed-dial button
Built-in 2 Mega-pixel wide-angle camera: 120(H), 60°(V) with infrared night-vision feature- Compatible with ONVIF protocol
Built-in maximum 128GB capacity TF card slot for image storage
HD voice speech quality with built-in 2.5W speaker and Acoustic Echo Canceller
Size: 177.4x88x36.15mm

This product: Waterproof Video Door Intercom

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