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Weather-proof Telephone
Weather-proof Telephone
Weather-proof Telephone
Weather-proof Telephone

Weather-proof Telephone

Weather-proof Telephones are designed to provide safe and reliable communication in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. It has a strong, non-sparking, shock and impact resistant composite housing. Ultra-rugged it can withstand the rigors of the most extreme environments.
Magnetic doors are suitable for large temperature differences, high humidity, exposure to seawater and dust, corrosive environments, gases/explosive particles and mechanical wear.

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Model: CD-IN-L-01
IP67 waterproof protection
Ultra-rugged SMC composite housing
Waterproof silical gel keyboard
90 dB sound power
Integrated LED optical warning device
Coiled or shielded cord
Magnetic closure
Weight: 7.5kg

This product: Weather-proof Telephone

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