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Riunione di lavoro trimestrale CXHT

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On July 12, 2022, CXHT quarterly meeting was successfully held in the conference room. All Changdian employees participated in the meeting both offline and online.

General Manager made a summary report on the international environment, domestic market environment, and the company’s operation in the second quarter, and made arrangements for the key tasks in the third quarter.

Affected by the epidemic and the international situation, the real economy is struggling, the progress of our industry has slowed down due to the impact of the epidemic, and the industry is very serious. The sales in the second quarter of the previous year decreased, but challenges and opportunities coexist. Urban infrastructure is a major challenge. An important starting point for China’s economy in 2022, my country is still in a period of high-intensity infrastructure investment, and the development prospects of the market are still very impressive. In addition to market sales, the technical development department has completed the development of energy-saving fog lamps, the development of industrial telephones for application scenarios, and the transformation and upgrading of some old products, which has laid a solid foundation for our market sales.

For the key tasks in the third quarter, we must increase market investment, keep an eye on the high-speed and Utility Tunnel, and vigorously develop and publicize the industries (steel mills, smelting, power plants, etc.) where industrial telephone applications belong; We must quickly complete the optimal design of existing products; appropriately subtract the work of market sales and technology development, and do our best products well. The general manager said: “The third quarter is the golden cycle for our industry and the company, and it is also the season with the most harvests. Let’s face the difficulties together and make better achievements.”

The new era needs heroes, and it is an era that can produce heroes. Please get ready, the hero must be you!


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