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Toll station network intercom broadcast system is introduced based on SIP protocol IP audio technology, which converts analog audio signals into network digital signals.It has intercom function, broadcast function, alarm function, video linkage function, and charging scheduling function. Realize the multi-level management mode of the toll booth, the toll monitor, the toll station and the monitoring center, and realize the unified management and scheduling of the voice service;

Ordinary toll intercom terminals can call the squad leader, toll station monitoring center, and road section management center with one key hands-free, hands-free call throughout the whole process, foot pedal silent alarm, toll station/management center can remotely monitor, record, and video dispatch; The integrated management application of the business management system can effectively reduce the operating cost of the enterprise and improve the work efficiency; the charging intercom touch terminal and ordinary intercom terminal can play background music, and can access digital audio data such as morning and evening news broadcasts along the line.

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