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Wall-Mounted Visual Waterproof Intercom

304 stainless steel, anti damage and easy to install.

Wall mounted and build in hearing aidsn.

The wire was made by Teflon, oil resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance.
Automatic dialing function: Press the emergency button, and it will automatically dial the designated number for you after 3 to 5 seconds.

Usage: Railway, Highway, Bank, University, Hotel, etc

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Model: CD-IN-01
Temperature: -35℃~75℃
Relative humidity: 10%~95%
Atmospheric pressure: 86~106 Kpa
Environmental noise: ≤60dB(A)
Ringing tone level: 70dB (A)
Pulse dialing: The intermittent ratio of dialing pulses is: 1.6±0.2:1.0
Dial pulse speed: 10±1 times/sec
Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) dialing
Electroacoustic characteristics
Size: 210*150*60mm
Net weight: 1.5KG

This product: Wall-Mounted Visual Waterproof Intercom

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